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trust fund scam

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Someone claiming to represent DMCC wants to review your trust. 

You should be aware that DMCC will never contact you about your finances.

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Last week, our Program Director, Heather Glenn, was alarmed to learn that a Del Mar resident received a phone call from a woman representing her company with the "Del Mar Senior Center" and told the resident that she wanted to make an appointment to review the family's trust. Fortunately, the resident contacted Del Mar Community Connections (DMCC) before making the appointment.

Del Mar Community Connections wants to warn our residents about these kinds of scams and clarify that we do not contact anyone to review their financial records.

We encourage everyone to use extra caution about opening their doors to strangers or allowing people they do not know into their homes.

If you have any concerns about someone who contacts you in person or over the phone, please do not hesitate to contact Del Mar Community Connections; we will be happy to help research the situation, and if warranted, contact law enforcement. While you may feel reluctant to raise the alarm, it is always better to be safe than sorry! 




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