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Scams Involving Real Estate


A phony website and a s0-called "processing" fee.

A DMCC participant from Carmel Valley recently reported being the target of the following two scams and asked that we share this information with our clients.


Latest Phishing Scam

The San Diego County District Attorney's Office is warning consumers about a deceptive website currently posing as a government site for the Office of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The non-government website tries to dupe people into giving out personal information (known as "phishing"). Because the site appears to be an "official us government website," some people may fall prey to this scam. Please be careful. The website of which to beware is:

www.bailout.hud-gov.us/.  It is NOT a government website.

Property Tax Reassessment Scam

Citizens have recently reported receiving official-looking forms by mail with the County Assessor's ID No. and the address of their real property along with the current assessed value. The notice indicates that the property is currently "over-assessed" and that a request for tax reassessment has not yet been filed. The form states that for a "processing fee," paid by a "due date," the citizen's property can be "reassessed." The letter also states that, if the fee is not received by the due date, a "late fee" will be applied. The form looks official, and includes a green return envelope to mail in the money. The envelopment returns to a P.O. Box in Los Angeles. The County Assessor's office for San Diego County is located at the County Administration Building on Pacific Coast Highway and any real-property owner can request a reassessment through that agency without charge. For more information, please contact the San Diego District Attorney's Consumer Fraud Hotline at 619-531-3507. Report Complaints of Los Angeles solicitations to:




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